Vento de Jeri | Pousada em Jericoacoara
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The Stay

Located in the beautiful Jeicoacoara village, Pausada Vento de Jeri sits along the main street, Rua Principal. Situated only 750 meters from the beach and 450 meters from the center, visitors can enjoy a wide selection of restaurants, bars and local attractions.

What to do?

Many options for you and your family!



General Info


  • Jericoacoara does not have any paved sidewalks or street – only sand on the streets.
  • There are no banks or ATMs. The closest bank is in Jijoca (50 minutes from Jeri).
  • Electricity voltage in Jericoacoara is 220V;
  • Internet is available all over the country. We offer free wifi at our Pousada;
  • the majority of pousadas, restaurants and shops, credit cards are accepted;
  • In Jericoacoara is not possible to rent a car. All tours that need a vehicle include a driver.  They are usually planned by the local hotels or tourist agencies;
  • In Jericoacoara it is forbidden for tourists to drive around with personal cars. People travelling with their own personal car must leave it at dedicated parking spot at the entrance of the village. From there a shuttle service is available to and from the hotels
  • It is also possible to leave your car in Jijoca and continue the journey by vans, provided by the local transportation company.


  • There are no hospitals in Jeri. You can find a first aid and a clinic in Jijioca located one hour away by car. The closest hospital is in Sobral which is three hours driving. It is strongly suggested to bring your own drugs due to the limited supplies of local pharmacy.

What to bring

  • Bringing a swimming suit is of course a must as a hat or cap, flip flops, sun protection cream, camera and medical drugs if needed.

Our Rooms

Standard Triple

How do get here